Stress Free - A Drug Free Approach

The Drug Free Alternative for stress relief.
Recent developments in Cognitive Behaviourial Psychology have resulted in a new drug-free approach to the problem of stress. Behaviourial Psychologists have long treated anxiety, phobias and other psychological conditions which are characterized by increased autonomic arousal. The sweaty hands, dry mouth, cold feet, tense muscles and accelerated heart rate of the fearful flyer and anxious dental patients are familiar physiological manifestations of the anxiety response.

When the patient learns to reduce his anxiety, he is also learning to lower his blood pressure, slow down his heart rate, reduce the tensions in his muscles, increase the blood flow to his extremities and in other ways control the activity of his autonomic nervous system. When the patient learns to control his autonomic nervous system, he is controlling his stress. 

Many if not all stress related and psychophysiological disorders involve autonomically innervated organs, and consequently many psychosomatic disorders have been demonstrated to be amenable to stress reducing behaviourial procedures. Biofeedback, hypnosis, deep muscle relaxation and other methods have been used to treat migraine headaches, muscle spasms, essential hypertension, P.V.C., angina, spastic colon, Raynaud's syndrome, sympathetic reflex dystrophy and many other physical disorders associated with sustained autonomic arousal.

Stress control took on new importance as studies began to indicate that disease processes such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and other physical disorders might be manifestations, to the point of end organ pathology, of chronic sustained autonomic activity. Other studies suggested the involvement of chronic autonomic arousal with the exhaustion and breakdown of the immunological response and the production of carcinogenesis.

It is no longer enough for health care professionals to simply educate patients about stress. It has become necessary to develop practical methods of controlling and reducing stress. Methods which involve the patient in his own treatment and recovery. Methods which utilize the power and success of techniques such as classical conditioning, hypnosis, biofeedback and cognitive behaviour therapy.

StressFree, A drug-free product, using cognitive behaviourial techniques has been in use in Canada for several years. Initially sold only in drug stores, and used in the offices of Health Care Professionals and Clinics, StressFree is now available to the general public.

StressFree employs indirect suggestion and visual imagery to induce a therapeutic relaxation response which reciprocally inhibits sympathetic autonomic arousal. It is a classical conditioning procedure, counterconditioning stress with a relaxation response which is physiologically incompatible with stress.

StressFree uses a Psycho-Active audio treatment titled Take Control Over Stress to psychologically reduce stress. By incorporating biofeedback and classical conditioning techniques, Take Control Over Stress becomes 'Psycho-Active'. It creates a psychological process which actively conditions and reinforces the relaxation response, with repeated use strengthening the conditioning effect. This treatment is available in MP3 format and can now be downloaded from iTunes, and from other online music sources.

StressFree may be used to reduce stress in Dental Offices, waiting rooms, airplanes and in other situations where stress is encountered. It provides effective relief from muscle tension, anxiety, agitation, and insomnia. It is indicated for the treatment of low back pain, tension headaches, hypertension and other stress related disorders.  




Dr. Rutner is an internationally recognized Psychologist and specialist in the treatment of of Psycho-Somatic and Stress related disorders. This Psycho-Active Audio introduces a new development in the symptomatic treatment of stress. Combining a rapid stress reduction procedure with Psycho-Active music, Stressfree produces a comforting therapeutic response which counteracts stress.


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